Helping Kids Succeed Early On

Recently, my son pointed out “pelicans have pouches like koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies” as I was reading Little Kids: First Big Book of Birds. At four, he had connected visual information that he had learned about animals with pouches and applied it to another animal. Children make sense of their environment and integrate that information into their thinking. They look at visual details and learn from it. Although visual thinking skills are rarely taught in the classroom, they are essential for school success. Kids love to learn about how things work. They develop their visual thinking skills as they learn about the world. Whether it’s about animals, people, or fantasy characters, kids ac

A Suite of Apps with Endless Learning Opportunities for Kids

Children exposed to the fundamentals needed for school readiness are primed to benefit from classroom instruction. Can children absorb the basics while enjoying their tablet? Yes, and there are endless possibilities. One suite of apps that has devoted itself to teaching kids the foundations is Originator - Endless Learning Academy. Very appropriately named, their apps allow kids to learn the alphabet, build their vocabulary, associate sounds to their letter symbols, spell words, count numbers, and so much more. It's no wonder that all of their apps have reached the number one position in their categories in the Apple App Store. My favorite app out of the Endless Learning suite of apps is End



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