Child + Sand + Play = Calm Kids

Fidget cubes and spinners may be the current rage for helping kids with ADHD focus. But what about something natural and timeless? Sand has been used by cultures across the world for healing purposes. Can playing in sand help children who are anxious or distracted? Sand is a basic element in nature, life, and creation. In nature, sand originally starts as rock, which later becomes weathered and disintegrated by forces of nature. The use of sand as a conduit for healing in the western world has its roots in worldly traditions that span the globe. Sand has been used by many cultures for its healing properties in rituals and daily life. As a result of its eternal nature, many civilizations use

6 Fun Ways to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills in Young Children

ADHD is a commonly diagnosed childhood condition that impacts a child's development. According to the Center for Disease Control, 9% of children were diagnosed with ADHD in 2016. ADHD children who do not receive early intervention underperform academically. Research studies show that between 30-50% of children with ADHD also have difficulty with motor control. As a result, ADHD children typically struggle with writing. Here are some ways parents can develop fine motor skills in young children: 1. Build with Blocks Stacking blocks to build a large tower, a structure, or anything creative helps children use the tiny muscles in their hands. 2. Use Pattern Blocks Patterns blocks are a wonderful



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