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Best CBT App for Kids

Everyone has negative thoughts from time to time. Stressful moments can create negative thoughts. What we do in those moments is what makes all the difference. Children aren’t wired to understand that their thoughts can influence their feelings and behaviors. So, can children benefit from an app to help them replace negative thoughts with more helpful ones? That’s the intention behind Triangle of Life. On the surface, Triangle of Life may seem like any other mobile gaming app, but it is so much more. Triangle of Life benefits children by teaching them how to identify feelings, connect feelings to thoughts, and learn that thoughts shape behavior. So, why not pique their interest in learning s

Boosting Executive Functions by Sharing Memories

Parents can boost their child’s executive skills in many ways. Joint reminiscing or remembering and talking about memories with your child is a one way parents can do so. The best way to think about joint reminiscing is to think of it as mental time traveling with a loved one. To break it down even more, it’s like memory sharing. We all reminisce with each other, whether with friends, parents, or own children. Related to kids, it is best done to engage their memory for events in the past. Research, especially with pre-school age children, shows that remembering events and talking about them serves many purposes and can be beneficial to a child’s development of executive skills. Memories help



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