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Helping Kids' Develop in Los Angeles

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A little bit about me.....

Developing Kids' Minds, both educationally and emotionally, is what I am most passionate about. Since 1999, I’ve provided tailored educational therapy services to children and adolescents throughout Los Angeles. I’m here to guide your child. At Developing Kids' Minds, I’ll work with you and your child's current team to create a customized educational therapy treatment plan of action to help your child reach their full learning and emotional potential. As an Educational Therapist/Professional in Los Angeles, I’m here to help your child reach their learning and behavioral goals by providing multi-sensory and targeted educational therapy interventions with sensitivity to their emotional needs.  


A little more about me.....

After obtaining a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, I discovered that learning issues exacerbate mental health issues and vice versa in children. I obtained my License in Marriage and Family Therapy while also training as an educational therapist at a local educational therapy center in Santa Monica. For several years, I honed my skills at a non-public school where I provided services to students with learning and behavioral challenges. I followed up my training by completing my Certificate in Educational Therapy. I am honored to be an Educational Therapist/ Professional. My commitment to helping kids develop healthy and functioning lives has allowed me to share my knowledge and expertise by offering trainings to post-graduate interns as they endeavor to improve the lives of children in Los Angeles. As a provider of workshops on subjects that I am most enthused about, I bring my knowledge and experience in educational therapy to community centers throughout Los Angeles.  As an Educational Therapist/Professional, I pride myself on providing high-quality, effective treatment that deliver results. 


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