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Educational Therapy 

Combining educational and therapeutic approaches, Educational Therapy is the clinical practice of providing individualized intensive interventions, formal and informal assessment, and case management with students diagnosed with learning disabilities. As an Educational Therapist/Professional, I specialize in working to not only remediate the underlying learning differences, including dyslexia, AD/HD, academic difficulties but also support the emotional development of the child or adolescent.


Educational Therapy is the gold standard of remediation. Clients in Educational Therapy receive a treatment plan that outlines areas that require remediation along with programs designed to improve learning outcomes. As an Educational Therapist/Professional, I work to improve student's esteem around learning and develop strong executive skills. I use research-based, multi-sensory approaches to holistically support the student who learns differently. I engage in ongoing consultation and communication with members of the educational therapy treatment alliance. 

The goals of educational therapy include developing students' use of strengths in order to develop learning, develop independence as learners, and comprehend the connection between learning and social/emotional functioning. 


As an Educational Therapist, I work to remediate:



Phonological Awareness


blending sounds into words

identifying sound(s) in words

segmenting sounds from words

manipulating phonemes

deleting, adding, substituting phonemes

segmenting words into syllables

Phonemic Awareness

establishing letter-sound associations

blending sounds into words

Word Recognition

Word Knowledge (vocabulary)

Reading Fluency (accuracy, rate, expression)

Language Comprehension (both auditory and reading)

Written Expression (brainstorming, organization, development, structure)

Visual-Motor Coordination (Handwriting)

Math Concepts

Math Applications

Math Calculations (Accuracy and Fluency)

As an Educational Therapist, I utilize the following programs:


Lindamood Bell Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS)

Visualize Verbalize (V/V)

Seeing Stars

Touch Math

Diana Hanbury King Typing

Inspiration and other mind-mapping apps

Typing Instructor for Kids and other touch-typing apps

Orton Gillingham programs

Kiko's Thinking Time

Notability and other note-taking apps


Dragon Naturally Speaking


As an Educational Therapist, I help children develop:

Self-Awareness of Strengths and Needs

Goal Setting

Executive Functioning

Emotion Control

Working Memory

Planning, Pacing, & Prioritizing 

Time Management 




Self-Monitoring and Evaluating

Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking

Cognitive Flexibility 

Test-Taking Skills

Study Habits and Practices​


As an Educational Therapist, I work with children with: 

Anxiety Problems

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Auditory Processing Issues

Autism Spectrum Disorders



Executive Dysfunction

Language Processing Disorders

Learning Disabilities

Math Disorders

Memory Problems

Nonverbal Learning Disorders

Reading Disorders

Specific Learning Disabilities

Twice Exceptional (2e) Learners

Writing Disorders

Raffi Bandarian of Los Angeles, California, having met the association’s requirements in education, training, and experience, is proudly endorsed by the Association of Educational Therapists (AET) as an Educational Therapist/Professional (ET/P).

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