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At Developing Kids' Minds, I provide children with educational therapy services in Los Angeles that are individually tailored to  to each child. I work to come up with actionable plans that will help every referred child reach their educational and behavioral goals.

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Individualized, Multi-Sensory Learning

Educational therapy interventions are tailored to develop cognitive and academic skills vital to school success. Educational therapy services are designed to analyze areas of deficit, create a plan to address needs, and strengthen underlying skills.
As an educational therapist, I am results-oriented to deliver the progress that parents and teachers would expect. I pride myself on collaborating with all key players in a child's team.

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Freeing children from the demands of paper and pencil

Children need to develop proficient and efficient keyboarding in order to function at school and one day at the workplace. Some need to learn sooner than others due to problems with written expression and weaknesses in fine motor skills.
As part of my educational therapy services, I deliver multi-sensory interventions that build the finger: key correspondence necessary for success in tasks that require writing.


Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

As an educational therapist, I use coaching strategies directed to improve a child's executive functioning skills to help set a solid foundation of functioning as an adult.  

A lot of parents underestimate the positive impact of an educational therapist when it comes to developing a child's success early on through the progressive building of task initiation, persistence, and completion.

My 1-on-1 educational therapy services will put any child in the right direction.
I use motivation-infused techniques to develop underlying skill sets to achieve self-monitoring and goal-directed behaviors.

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Enhancing Emotion Regulation

Children need to be able to regulate their feelings, recognize their thoughts, and act in a way that is developmentally appropriate in order to produce positive outcomes.
As a trainer and supervisor of associate clinical social workers and marriage and family therapy interns, I am at the forefront of the types of interventions that build emotional resilience.

During educational therapy sessions, I use evidence-based techniques that have been shown to create lasting changes in managing situations that challenge emotions.
I provide my child and adolescent educational therapy clients with a wide range of coping tools tailored to their developing minds.


A Non-Verbal Play Therapy

Children who have been exposed to disruptions in family composition or confusing situations often require multi-sensory therapeutic tools to address their internal wounds.
Often children in educational therapy would benefit from sandplay therapy as it offers the means to safely and creatively engage in healing, especially in children, who naturally gravitate towards play.

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