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Trainings Tailored for Community Centers in Los Angeles

ADHD: A Deficit in Executive Function - Assessment & Treatment ​

Putting All Children On the Path to Success

The increasing rate of children with weaknesses in executive functioning has produced a generation with lagging skill sets and has spurred on the growth of professionals like myself in educational therapy. 
The challenge is for parents and teachers to recognize deficits early enough and help children develop these important skill sets before adulthood.
I will teach you how and why deficits in executive functioning develop.
I will present practical strategies that can be applied to school and home settings.
Ten key domains of executive functioning with case examples will be addressed.
Without proper interventions and support, these youth are often at risk for academic failure, emotional turmoil, and difficulties functioning in daily living situations. Most importantly, I will share my knowledge and expertise in educational therapy. 

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Building Your Play Therapy Tool Kit: Sandtray & Sandplay

A Healing Non-Verbal Play Technique

Children who have experienced confusing events early on in life lack the verbal skills to externalize the event.
Sandplay Therapy grants these children the advantage to engage in the non-verbal world of play with sand and miniatures.
I will teach you how Sandplay originated and lead you through its progression and use today.
I will discuss the very important role of the therapist.
The proper set-up of sandtrays and a collection will be reviewed along with options to apply Sandplay in mobile office settings.
Sandtrays representing various themes will be open to discussion along with an analysis of client prognosis.


Expert Guidance in Touch Typing

I provide various schools, both private and public, with instructional strategies to properly teach keyboarding to their students.  

As an educational therapist, I have found that a lot of schools underestimate the positive impact of learning touch typing techniques to address dysgraphia.

I help school staff learn the Diana Hanbury King methodology, which has shown to ground students in proper touch typing, then promote online programs that children can use at their own pace to develop their keyboarding skills. 


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Workshops: Service

Professional development trainings strengthen skills within an organization. Trainings bring all employees to a higher level of skill development and knowledge acquisition. Well-crafted and delivered professional development is important because it benefits the individual, their profession, the organization, and the public.



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