• Raffi Bandarian

4 Truths about Children and Play

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Any good parent knows that children need to play. Developing their imagination and a host of other skills through play is an opportunity that no child should miss out on. Whether indoors or outdoors, structured or unstructured, playtime needs to be a part of every child’s routine.

Here are some truths about play:

1. Play helps kids develop problem-solving skills

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory questions job candidates about their play experiences as children. NASA knows that a child's engagement in play is vital for critical thinking skills during difficult circumstances.

2. Play helps kid imagine

A collection of objects is a wonderful way to get kids playing in general. Figures, whether human or fantasy, real or imaginary, are sure to inspire kids to play. Objects that move, like trains and cars, allow children to engage in dynamic play. With a few items, children spend hours dedicated to imagining through play.

3. Play and movement helps kids stay healthy

Providing children with opportunities to play lowers a host of maladies. Studies confirm that kids who have limited chances to engage in play stand a greater chance of developing obesity and disorders like ADHD.

4. Play is how children work out emotions

Children who engage in play channel their inner experiences through the play objects. They act out struggles and develop solutions while playing. It offers a safe retreat to work out their problems.

I love seeing a child engaged in play at the end of an educational therapy session - it's a bonus for working hard.

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