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Best App for Studying

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

When students are expected to learn concepts, it’s important for them to have a centralized, easily-accessible location that offers opportunities for practice. No other site delivers this and more as well as Quizlet.

From World History to Chemistry to a foreign language, students use Quizlet to create tailored online flashcards to learn just about anything. Not only does it offer unlimited capacity to store flashcards in organized study sets, Quizlet offers a fun and engaging way to learn.

Founded by Andrew Sutherland at the age of 15, Quizlet’s founder and CTO created a service to help students learn efficiently. Quizlet allows students to master new concepts, build their vocabulary, and develop their confidence as learners.

With 20 million monthly active users, Quizlet is used by over one-third of all U.S. high school students. So, how does Quizlet work?

Students create flashcards by entering terms and their definitions. Definitions can be auto-filled or entered. Images can be inserted to help students better envision concepts. Students can even import their own images using the paid subscription plan. Students who benefit from hearing information can do so with a click.

For a foreign language, the “Spell” option allows students to spell the words by hearing it.

In “Test”, students have the ability to practice test-taking with a variety of formats, like written, matching, or multiple-choice.

And in “Play” mode, students learn with fun and exciting games.

With diagramming features, Quizlet is truly a multi-faceted tool for learning. It is especially useful for students in educational therapy who need structured, multi-sensory support.

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