• Raffi Bandarian

Best App for Touch-Typing

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Students with learning disabilities are just as capable as their peers. However, when they don't receive appropriate and timely support to bolster their learning profile, they are at a disadvantage.

Students with written expression disorders or dysgraphia have needs that demand interventions. Students require interventions to reach their full potential.

Many children learn to type incorrectly. Not being proficient in touch typing can lower motivation and reduce written output. So, teaching kids to type will make the production of written work easier.

Summer is an ideal time to build keyboarding skills for students. So, why not do it with a typing program that has received multiple awards for teaching children how to type? That’s the benefit of using Typing Instructor for Kids.

Typing Instructor for Kids teaches children to touch type through sequential lessons that develop finger-key memory.

Games add fun ways to build speed and accuracy. The novelty of the games motivate kids to reach keyboarding mastery.

Kids earn treasures along their typing journey. Once kids capture the castle, additional opportunities to play challenging games allow the young typist to develop even more proficiency on the keyboard. Typing Instructor for Kids is the #1 best-selling typing program for kids.

Typing Instructor for Kids lets parents and students in educational therapy know the number of words typed per minute as well as accuracy.

Learning to touch type with the support of an educational therapist can make a big difference in helping kids master the keyboard.

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